About Us

What is the Open Payments Cloud?

The OPC is a platform developed from the Open Payments Ecosystem Project that brings together Application Developers, Programme Managers , Banks and SME and corporate clients to deliver truly safe and compliant payment applications at a faster pace and at a fraction of the cost of traditional payments projects

In the same way that opening up access to Android and IOS has enabled the creation of thousands of new applications and services by parties other than Google and Apple, the OPC is the platform that will launch a new era of financial services for SMEs.

The OPC was created from the Open Payments Ecosystem which was a two-year project, led by Ixaris and co-funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 fund.

Who Benefits from the project?

Open Payments Cloud will be of benefit to the whole payments value chain.

Banks and payment institutions will be able to source a wealth of payments solutions from a broader number of developers, large and small, and therefore cater for a greater range of customers and needs.

A new age is coming!

The OPC will enable an explosion in the development of payment applications addressing the diversity of customer needs whilst industrializing integrity, security and compliance.

The OPC provides a rich set of functionality including virtual cards, plastic cards, bank transfers, forex, fee generation, money transfers linked to a compelling user experience across devices and automated creation of sophisticated APIs which bring to life the legacy APIs of the underlying systems.

Regulatory Implications

Compliance, security and other concerns have historically slowed down the development of new solutions. A major advantage of the OPC is that the regulation and compliance requirements are handles within the platform. Banks will be given automated help in approving each programme that is submitted. Developers will be unable to access any customer data, or any transaction or financial information, at any time.

The fact that the OPC provides building blocks that are compliant, means developers and banks are shielded from, for example, code reviews which won’t be required prior to acceptance of a solution by a financial institution. This makes for a faster route to market and greater scalability for the industry as a whole. Ixaris (the project founder) itself is regulated by the FCA.