Participate - Programme Managers

Very often Programme Managers turn down SME programmes because of their lack of viability. Yet a large percentage of the economy is driven by SMEs and there is a huge potential for any Programme Manager that can deal with the long-tail of the economy. Through OPC, a Programme Manager can pick off-the shelf Applications and make use of advanced compliance capabilities to reduce and automate the onboarding of such SMEs.

The Value of OPC
Traditionally banks and service providers could not deal with the SMEs individually as there were too many overheads. However, through OPC they can approve an application or a payment use case that applies uniformly across a specific horizontal or vertical stream e.g. purchasing in Travel or payroll across a variety of sectors. In addition, rather than vet each SME individually, they use technology to enforce and maintain all applicable regulatory constraints.


Allow access to the uncontrolled global community of developers whilst maintaining security of customers and core payments systems.


OPC has integrated automated tools for compliance checking to ensure compatibility with all financial rules and regulations.


OPC create a marketplace where developers can publish applications and providers can be approached to make their services available.


OPC provides a unified solution to multiple service providers and stakeholders.